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Business Meeting #2: Dane Jensen Performance Coach

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28 janvier, 2016
75 Derry Rd W, Mississauga, ON L5W 1G3

Dane Jensen is an expert on strategy and leadership, and a furious
cross-pollinator between the podium and boardroom. As Performance
Coaching’s CEO, he advises other CEOs and Senior Leaders in both sport and business. Dane’s extensive
global experience includes work across North America, Asia, and Europe. He has worked in industries from
financial services to industrial manufacturing, with small businesses and Fortune 100 companies, and with
CEOs and front-line managers. Across all of his experience, he has focused on helping his clients meet one
crucial challenge: equipping leaders with the clarity and skills necessary to execute winning strategies. His
unique ability to simultaneously educate and excite has resulted in hundreds of managers moving beyond
what they thought they could do. In addition to his corporate work, Dane works to enhance the
competitiveness of Canadian athletes in international competition. He works extensively with the Board andExecutive Team at the Canadian Paralympic Committee, and with the Executive Team atCanadian SportInstitute Ontario.

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